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Stephen Jenner of Haslemere in the south of England joined the Royal Navy in 1941. He served in submarines during and well after World War II and had a very distinguished career until he retired in 1962. He was to make his home in rural Nova Scotia and was to become extremely active in community interests

     His wartime career as a naval officer spanned to serve in several H.M. Submarines including Taku, Rorqual, Una, Sibyl and the Yugoslavian submarine Nebojsa as liaison officer and interpreter. He was heavily decorated and in addition to the War Medal 1939-45 he was also the very rare recipient of five World War II Campaign Stars. These included the 1939-1945 Star, the Atlantic Star, the Africa Star (w. North Africa 1942-43 Clasp), Burma Star and the Italy Star. He was also awarded the UN Medal (w. Korea Clasp). Following the war, he served in Sentinel and Alliance and commanded submarines Thule, Scorcher, Aurochs, Auriga and Telemachus. In 1955, Stephen was assigned as Spare Crew First Lieutenant and Squadron Operations Officer in the Royal Navy’s Sixth Submarine Squadron (SM6) based in Halifax. The squadron comprised of three inter-changing British submarines. After returning to England following his first tenure, he was once again detailed to his former Squadron and appointed as Commander SM6 in 1960.

     Well into his retirement, Stephen wanted to donate his personally engraved sword in some significant way. Two stories that typify the ‘Work Hard’, ‘Play Hard’ ethic of the then submariners of the day, Stephen Jenner’s reasoning stemmed from two sword related incidents in his association with the RCN that took place during his lengthy service in Halifax. First, to the best of Commander Jenner’s knowledge, HMCS Stadacona was the last place where an attempt was made to use a naval sword for its original purpose:  A young RCN Lieutenant’s girlfriend was pinched by another junior officer, so the Lieutenant challenged the imposer to a duel on the flight deck of a ship from the 7th Escort Squadron. The Admiral became aware and knowing duels to be illegal, quashed the affair. Nevertheless the  challenge had been made and it appeared that it was settled (exactly how is unclear) aboard a submarine.

     The second story involved the same RCN Lieutenant, who after a Guest Night Dinner at Stadacona, invited the Commander SM back down to his ship to continue the evening’s festivities. “After a few more drinks,” to quote Commander Jenner, “which no one needed (The RCN Lieutenant) proceeded to devastate the cabin with his sword.”

     A solution to his wish was therefore found.. Prior to his death and in keeping with the ‘Work hard', 'Play hard’ distinction of the submarine service, Commander Jenner's sword was eagerly accepted by the Canadian Forces Naval Operation School, Submarine Division to serve as an award to the Top Student of the Submarine ORO course.

With a fascinating naval career, Cdr. Stephen Jenner passed away peacefully 19 July. 2009. He was 88 years young


Thanks To Buster Brown ( President of SAOC East)  for his time in putting this document together.



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