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The After Battery - Keep Calm and Submarine On


Submariners Association of Canada  (West)
Submariners Association of Canada (Central)
Submariners Association (Barrow in Furness)
Submariners Association of Australia - Tasmania
International Submariners Association 
Dutch Submarines
Dolphin - Israel Submariners Association
Dorset Submariners

Battle of the Atlantic Place project

A website has been launched and ask our membership to check it out.

This is a National story that needs our support. 

There is interest in the project by some key people in the federal government.

We are asking that you circulate the website link to your friends, acquaintances, FaceBook, Members of Parliament, Provincial Legislators, Municipal Councilors, and network organizations to raise to the attention of anyone they know who may have access or influence to any government member.

The Web Site is now posted and can be viewed at


May 1st 2012 ~ Federal Court of Canada rules clawback of


Veterans Affairs Canada Info - Class Action Suit – Reduction Of SISIP
Long Term Disability Benefits By The Amount Of Pension Act Payments ...


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The Canadian Navy
Brit Sub
Royal Navy Submarine Museum
Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund
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Tel: 902-423-8561  Fax: 902-423-8374
Interesting Sites To Visit
Royal Navy Submarine Service - WWII
Thanks Charlie in Manchester for the URL

Submariners-spain website is operated by Tim Greensides

Dwayne Hill from Montreal has completed his radio controlled model of HMCS Rainbow SS75. To view a YouTube presentation of Dwayne's Rainbow model, plus the remainder of his fleet, including HMCS Okanagan SS74 and HMCS Windsor SSK877, go to


Hidden away in British Columbia, Canada on South Vancouver Island in the North West part of Cowichan Bay, at 1532 Khenipsen road, on the East side of Duncan, is one of Canada’s little known but most interesting private naval museums.
     George is retired from the Canadian navy with over 35 years service on Canadian naval ships and submarines and has been a passionate collector of German and Canadian submarine artifacts for over 30 years.
Come and visit me at

Astute class Submarines
A Letter from a teacher using our site
Hello John,
I just wanted to say that, as a teacher, I have been using your page with information on submarines and naval crafts ( ) for my history classes.  It's proven tobe a very helpful addition to our lessons.

Here's another good page one of my students found that you might want to include on your page:  "History and Parts of the Submarine"  -

There's lots of resources on there for history of submarines and how submarines were used in wars.  It's a fun addition to our history lessons. I thought your visitors might find the information beneficial as well. (Plus, I would love to show my student that the page he found isincorporated on your website...I'm sure it would make his day.  His name is Matty, if you would like to include it!)   Hope I could help!

Keep up the good work,
Brooke Pierce

Sarah Anderson, the Communications Director for Mesothelioma Resource Online asked to link to our site. after review it was agreed to add this website
Approximately 30% of all patients in the UK and the US diagnosed with this lethal form of cancer served in the military at some point. However, our site,, is an excellent resource to learn about Asbestos in the military and the various treatment options for Mesothelioma.

British Submarines of World War II


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