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The After Battery - Keep Calm and Submarine On



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Submariners Association of Australia - Tasmania


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May 1st 2012 ~ Federal Court of Canada rules clawback of

disabled Veterans pension illegal ...



Veterans Affairs Canada Info - Class Action Suit – Reduction Of SISIP

Long Term Disability Benefits By The Amount Of Pension Act Payments ...

SISIP LTD Class Action - Final Notice of Courst Approved Settlement:

Notice of Approval of Settlement:



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Royal Navy Submarine Museum



Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund

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Royal Navy Submarine Service - WWII

Thanks Charlie in Manchester for the URL


Submariners-spain website is operated by Tim Greensides


Dwayne Hill from Montreal has completed his radio controlled model of HMCS Rainbow SS75. To view a YouTube presentation of Dwayne's Rainbow model, plus the remainder of his fleet, including HMCS Okanagan SS74 and HMCS Windsor SSK877, go to





Astute class Submarines




Sarah Anderson, the Communications Director for Mesothelioma Resource Online asked to link to our site. after review it was agreed to add this website

Approximately 30% of all patients in the UK and the US diagnosed with this lethal form of cancer served in the military at some point. However, our site,, is an excellent resource to learn about Asbestos in the military and the various treatment options for Mesothelioma.

A site dedicated to the men and women of the Royal Canadian Navy and the ships they served and lived in.


- Extensive information about all German U-boats during both World Wars and a huge section covering the Allied Forces and their struggle with the U-boat threat.




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