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So if you have an interesting set of pictures, Please send them to

New Executive First meeting 2015

 Some of the Members at the first meeting Jan. 2015. A few had left when taken.


Monthly meeting May 2013

Last night's meeting.  What a turn out!  A Rogue's Roost if I ever saw one!

Check out this Crew.  New Woolly Pulleys and all except Mark Miller(Sparker) always danced to his own tunes still do! Glad to see some things don't change..
Mad Mac with pipe cutting quite the Pose!  We were fresh out of refit readying for the 1st CanSeaTrain WUPS.  And it proved to be interesting to say the least. 
Recognise some of theses pirates?


Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Citations

Dec. 16, 2011

Front row left to right.

Irving Watson, Pierre Doutre, Ted Hirtle, James Miller, Maurice.

Rear left to right.

  Shane Irving, Admiral Wood, Terry Chatham, Ray Hunt, Keith Tovey, Scott Parsons, John Meehan, Harry Suto, Taff Jones, Art Bodden(partially blocked), Dave Russell, Keith Estabrooks(seated), Roy Pepper, Pierre Alarie, and George Byzewski Blocked but leg and part of top of head visable.


RCN MESS Halifax, Nova Scotia

Pictures are a little slow coming in to create a larger album so the I will start building it with pictures from Mary Murray, Dusty Miller And Ted Hirtle. To build a album of any size I need pictures sent To me in a small sixe 250 x150 or send them to me and I will size them. Enjoy our album

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Mary uploaded her pictures at this web address:

Mary Murray Acting as hostess


Pictures taken at monthly meeting OCT., 31 2012

Help me put names to pics

Email pics names to Webmaster

Crew Photo Fastlane, Scotland August 1975

Can you fill in the blank names?

Okanagan Snortin....


The Submariner's aboard this boat adopted an African Elephant someone found tethered to a bollard next to the taxi rank on Helensburghs mainstreet. They called him *Mongo* and he lived in an old Chacon that they put in theirLay-apart store just up from 6-Berth. When they eventually left Faslane, to go to Chatham for re-fit, Capt SM3 granted permission for Mongo to go with them. They chained him to the starboard rails of the fin and hoofed it down the Gareloch on the step.Mongo was as happy as larry, but the casing party spent most of their time trying notto step in enormous piles of elephant shit. Anyhow - Courageous encountered some very bad weather in the Irish Sea (surface passage) and come the morning - Mongo had simply disappeared. God! The entire Boat's Company miss that elephant. Ask any ex Courageous ships company - they'll vouch for him. He was a brills elephant and good company for the Upper Deck Trot.

R.I.P. Mongo. (Here is only one of two known photographs that exist of Mongo actually
on the casing of HMS COURAGEOUS as they sailed out of Faslane, with AFD 60 visible
in the background). The other is of Mongo in happier daze.




How Submariner's see the life of Skimmer's



Anniversary Floral Arrangement
presented and arranged  
By the HDBA 



Windsor during her first dive since Canadianization 12 Feb 2004

  Submitted By: Scott Parsons, Senior Technologist, BAE SYSTEMS




Pancake Contest on the Onondaga

Year ????


HAMM!! Is this the East or West Coast in January 2004.







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