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by on Jun.03, 2012, under Stories over the ages

To all Submariners from all the fleet past or present with a story to tell here is your opportunity to tell it. If other members by chance saw it a little different than you, they also are able to respond on how they saw it go down. HAVE FUN GUYS!!

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  • Daniel T. Rean, CWO3 USN Ret.

    I came across the attached paper, it’s not a bad read, not exactly riveting but could pass a bit a time for the lads Shadow Warriors

    Lee Thompson

  • Phil1111

    Not sure of the dates, but I remember a port visit where one Dickie Newman convinced me, after a few wets of course, that it would be an awesome idea to streak the C&PO’s mess where there was a bit of a hooley going on. In my befuddled state it certainly seemed like a fantastic idea at the time, so I disrobed and quickly entered on the Cafeteria side heading for the other end of the mess and freedom in the Fore Ends….. Unfortunately someone…..(Dickie) had arranged to have that door locked, so one had to try and make a manly retreat back to the cafeteria. There were of course female guests in the mess at the time. I do appreciate the sense of humour of the C&PO’s as no charges were ever laid, and I do believe a wet was delivered…..

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