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History of HMCS Windsor

HMCS Windsor is one of four diesel-electric, long-range attack submarines that constitutes the core of the Canadian submarine service. HMCS Windsor was first laid down at Cammell Laird’s Birkenhead shipyard on 13 March 1990, as part of the Royal Navy’s new class of Upholder submarines. Launched the 16th of April 1992, she was commissioned by the Royal Navy on the 25th of June, 1993 and took on her official name of HMS Unicorn. This period, however, was a time of change and re-organization for the Royal Navy submarine service. Having decided to eliminate their fleet of
diesel-electric submarines in favour of a purely nuclear service, the RN de-commissioned HMS Unicorn after only one year and four months of service.

Purchased by the Canadian government,former HMS Unicorn made her transition into the Canadian submarine service alongside her three sister boats and was commissioned the 4th of October, 2003. It was then she took on the proud moniker HMCS Windsor, in tribute of the city of Windsor, Ontario. Completing numerous patrols in the defence of Canada and having participated in several international exercises, HMCS Windsor continues in the humble naval tradition of representing her name-sake city abroad.

HMCS Windsor is proud to be officially affiliated with The Windsor Regiment (RCAC). Despite vastly different military roles and historical lineage, the two units have forged a strong bond that overcomes petty inter-service rivalries and epitomizes the cohesiveness of brothers and sisters in arms. Symbolic of the strong-ties HMCS Windsor has to the city that so graciously donated her name, is the submarine’s crest: The crest is dominated by the lion supporter, as found on the Arms of the City Windsor, however transitions to a fish lower half and brandishes the naval trident. A marriage of the symbol of the City of Windsor and her nautical defender abroad.

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